Congress Must Show Courage with Comprehensive Legislative Reforms to Protect People and the Environment

© Tim Aubry / Greenpeace

In response to the House Democrats first bill of 2019, House Resolution 1 — a comprehensive package of reforms that includes restoring the Voting Rights Act, automatic voter registration, public financing of elections, supporting the overturn of Citizens United, ending partisan gerrymandering, changes to strengthen federal ethics standards, and more — Greenpeace USA Executive Director Annie Leonard said:

“The people sent a clear message that they are fed up with the corruption, the attacks on voting rights, and the influence of big money in our politics. Congress must act, or the consequences could be catastrophic for people and the environment.

“The first order of business must be House Resolution 1 – comprehensive legislative reforms to shore up our democracy, ensure those who are eligible can vote, and get corporate polluter money out of politics.

“Without strong common sense reforms, Congress will not be able to enact the kinds of policies necessary to solve the climate crisis. We have ten years to avert a climate catastrophe with ambitious energy policies, including a just transition for workers and communities, that end the era of fossil fuels and put in place renewable energy solutions.

“Members of Congress must take our government back from corrupt fossil fuel interests, like the Koch brothers and other climate deniers pushing a pro-polluter agenda that will entrench the climate crisis and exacerbate inequality as well as social harm. They must ban corporate campaign contributions and dark money deals, enact public campaign financing, and end outside income for lawmakers.”